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About Our Products...

BESTgasket manufactures HIGH-QUALITY gaskets throughout our entire product line, but here we want to bring special attention to our HEAD GASKETS and REAR MAIN SEALS.




The head gasket is the most critical of all engine gaskets, and therefore demands much of our attention.  We make two styles of premium-quality head gaskets:

1)  Copper (suffix of "C”)  consists of two outer sheets of a generously thick .010" copper and a low-density graphite “filler” sheet.  This high-quality graphite sheet is superior to asbestos, which was used in the old days, and far superior to the non-asbestos materials found in other maufacturers' modern copper head gaskets.  Excellent torque retention is achieved by using superior materials.

Our copper gaskets are definitely “old-school,” but with a modern flair for better performance.  They are such works of art, we almost hate to sell them!
Install using using a spray-on sealant like K & W Copper Coat or Permatex Copper Spray-A-Gasket.  Always re-torque, no short-cuts.




2)  GraphTite™ (suffix of “G”) – consists of Kevlar reinforced graphite facing material mechanically bonded to both sides of a perforated steel core.  This modern engineered, high-performance material is rated to a temperature of 1400 degrees-F.  Steel fire rings are installed in the combustion chamber areas of the gasket.


head gaskets have superb sealing characteristics, excellent torque retention, and hold up to the punishment dished out by high-performance engines – high quality all the way.  This gasket might be overkill for cruiser engines, but so what . .  extra performance never hurts!


Install GraphTite head gaskets using using a spray-on sealant like K & W Copper Coat or Permatex Copper Spray-A-Gasket.  Always re-torque, no short-cuts.

Note:  For lower volume applications where tooling costs are prohibitive, BESTgasket may also use head gaskets from other manufacturers or NOS head gaskets for the really old engines. 









Ever since the big gasket manufacturers discontinued using asbestos in the  1990s, rope rear main seals have been a huge problem to the vintage car enthusiast.  The non-asbestos rope seals available from the big boys are next to impossible to trim and do a poor job of sealing.  BESTgasket has two solutions to this problem.

  • Rubber  replacements of rope seals

  • GraphTiterope seals




BESTgasket has developed rubber replacement seals for the following engines where only rope seals have previously been available:

Buick st-8 40-50 series, 1934-53
Buick V8 364-401-425, 1957-66  *
Cadillac V8 331-365, 1949-58E
Chevrolet V8 265-283, 1955-58
Chrysler V8 392, 1957-58  *
Ford V8 312, 1956-57 
Oldsmobile V8 301-324, 1949-56
Oldsmobile V8 371-394, 1957-58 
Oldsmobile V8 394, 1959-64  *


 * included in our Engine Rebuilding Sets, others are only sold separately




GraphTite™ rope seals are miles ahead of any other rope seal out there.

This marvelous material is easy to trim. . .  and it seals!! To ensure exact  trimming, each kit includes installation instructions, a special knife, and a few other trimming aids.

Our customers have reported great success with
GraphTiterope seals, finally solving those aggravating rear main seal leaks.  No hype here. . . just results.









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