Rear Main Seal Repair

Hemmings Magazine
March 2009

“…Of special interest here is a company from California called Best Gasket that specializes in rear main seals and head gaskets for vintage American cars. Best Gasket offers a wick-style rear main seal made from a trademarked material called GraphTite. Offered as a complete kit, it includes a spacer, the proper amount of material to protrude above the cap and block, a razor knife and a cutting shield. The GraphTite material cuts very cleanly and does an excellent job of sealing up problematic rear main leaks on rope-style crankshafts.”   Read More

BESTgasket Rope Seals Stop Y-Block Leaks – Rope Tricks

Hot Rod Network
September 2008

“…For many engines engineered for a rope seal, the lack of precision machine work means that simply changing to a rubber seal will not produce the desired results. Asbestos rope seals were very forgiving in terms of fit, but they were discontinued in the mid-1990s, and the initial non-asbestos replacements that followed were very difficult to trim and did a less-than-stellar job of sealing. As a result, rope seals developed an even worse reputation than they already had. In response, BESTgasket introduced GraphTite rope rear main seals, made from braided PTFE (aka Teflon) fibers with graphite. The sealing results are remarkable and the installation is simple with easy trimming. The rope material is highly conformable, filling in any seal housing inconsistencies. Its naturally slick surface places less drag on the crankshaft, allowing for detection of other ‘hang-ups’ during the engine build.” Read More

BESTgasket Rubber Rear Main Seals – Shop Manual

Hot Rod Network
September 2006

“…In response to the rope seal frustrations present among engine builders, BESTgasket has introduced a new style of rear main seal rope called GraphTite. It’s easy to trim, highly conformable, and can withstand high temperatures. BESTgasket customers have reported success stories about finally stopping those aggravating leaks. Because rope ends must be carefully trimmed to avoid fraying, each kit includes a special knife for trimming, a wood stick for trim support backing, and a spacer for trimming each rope end .030-inch proud.” Read More

Racing Legend, Junior Thompson prefers BESTgasket

“Best Gasket’s Hemi head gaskets (GraphTite) are the best out there.  All of their gaskets are great.”  – Junior Thompson


. . . Junior has been a great friend to BESTgasket!!

“I’ve been using Best Gaskets for decades and highly recommend their products.  Best Gasket’s new GraphTite™ head gaskets and rear main seals are of the highest quality.  My customers are pleased with the quality and completeness of their engine rebuilding sets.”

Red Hamilton,Red’s Headers & Early Ford Speed Equipment.

. . . Red has built engines, manufactured headers, and supplied the aftermarket with Ford performance parts for Model-A, Flathead V8, and Y-Block since 1971.  He is also a frequent technical contributor to various automotive publications.


“I’ve hand built over 550 426 style Hemi engines and until Best Gasket, nobody made what I call proper intake, exhaust, or head gaskets, nobody. Problem solved! Best Gasket produces the finest gaskets I’ve ever used. I used them on my 1969 Hemi Daytona, and I use them exclusively on my custom built Hemi engines.” – John Arruzza

. . . John cuts no corners and his engines are highly revered and sought after.

“The Finest on the Market”

“To anyone intending on using the Best Gasket product line, you are in for a very pleasent surprise. These gaskets and seals are the finest in materials and workmanship available on the market today.  I have found them to out-perform any other product per application.”  
– Mike Reeves, Mike Reeves Production Tech, Mt. Vernon, WA


. . . Mike builds high-performance big bore flathead Ford engines and demands zero defects from the parts he uses.


“I can tell you that Best Gasket listens to their customers and is responsive to suggestions.  With any old engine there are problem areas that have existed for years.  They have made several product improvements for the Y-Block engine.  Better head gaskets (GraphTite), a rubber rear seal for 312, intake gaskets that prevent manifold discoloration, an upgraded oil pickup seal, and a oil filter adapter gasket that solves the problem at a common leak area.  I use and highly recommend their gaskets.”
– John Mummert, El Cajon, CA


. . . John is a well respected Y-Block Ford engine builder and parts distributor.  Thanks to John for working with us to build better products.

GraphTite™ Rope Rear Main Seals – “PROBLEM SOLVED”

“After having two rope seal failures on the same engine I was beside myself.   Then I stumbled across an ad for Best Gasket’s GraphTite™ rope seals.  It worked great, just like they said it would. Problem solved!  I will never use anything else ever again.  It’s good to know that all their engine rebuilding kits include either a rubber rear main seal or a GraphTite™ rope seal.”
– Donn Rhode, Precision Engines LLC, Port Clinton, OH


“One key to high horsepower is high cylinder pressure and to utilize that high cylinder pressure you must be able to seal the combustion chamber. The flathead Ford is especially challenging because of the irregular shape of the combustion chamber. During the last year, Roadrunner Engineering sponsored a blown flathead buildup to demonstrate the potential of a 276, street engine using a Roadrunner kit. The gasket set chosen for this project came from BESTgasket. How well do they work? Engine dynamometer testing produced a very stout 335 hp at 5100 rpm and 365 ft-lbs of torque at 4300 rpm using 8 psi boost and 110 octane race gas. The engine, which may be the most powerful street driven flathead built to date (nicknamed “Killer”), was then installed in the Motorhead Mart Special (1934 Ford 2-door sedan street rod) and ran at the High Altitude Flathead and Inline Nationals in Denver (track elevation 5800 feet). The results, 100.7 mph with a 13.28 second ET in the quarter mile and the 2006 “Top Rod” eliminator title!  BESTgasket’s head gaskets were up to the task.  I am a believer in their products!”  

– Joe Abbin, Roadrunner Engineering

 . . . Joe is well known for his Flathead expertise.  Click on the book cover to visit Joe’s website — a great resource when building a Blown Flathead engine.

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